How To Track My USPS Delivery Packet Using Tracking Number?

Learning to track a package through Liteblue ups gov will help you make sure that the items you ship actually arrive at their destination on time. Today, the USPS offers a wide variety of services that will allow you to track every movement of the package. Tracking a package is a very simple process but you need to familiarize yourself with the different options that are available before making your next shipment.

track usps package

A tracking number allows you to follow the delivery of a package as it’s being shipped. If you’re in a situation where you don’t have a tracking number, many of the major package delivery companies now have free tools that allow you to track your package online without one. To use these tools, you’ll have to visit the company’s website and register for an account. Once you make your account, it’s just a matter of logging in and finding the correct package based on other shipping details.

Track Packages

Select a shipping method with tracking via USPS: Not all letters or packages will be automatically tracked through the postal system, so make sure the method you are going to use if it allows tracking. Some forms of tracking require a 45-day wait for a lost shipment.

  • National first class shipments and average shipments do not automatically include tracking. You can order the tracking but it has an additional cost. [one]
  • Other shipping methods (which are more expensive than first-class), such as priority shipments, already include tracking.
  • Not all forms of tracking are the same. As a general rule, the more expensive the trace form, the more detailed the tracking information will be.

Save your receipt: The receipt include a tracking number at the bottom.

  • The number of digits and the precise format of this number differs depending on the shipping method you selected.

Enter the USPS website: The USPS website has links on almost every page that will take you to the shipment tracking page. The general search box on the main page of the site will also track packages if you type the information there.

tracking information

Type the tracking number in the search box and press “Enter.”

Understand the descriptions of USPS states: USPS uses a particular terminology to describe the status of each package and while most are easy to understand others are not so.

  • You will see the legend “Arrived at USPS Origin Facility” (package arrived at the USPS origin installation) indicating the moment in which the package entered the USPS organization system. This is not necessarily the same office where the package was, but the place where it was prepared for shipping.
  • The legend “Arrived at Post Office” (package arrived at the post office) will appear when the package has arrived near the final destination but remains in a Liteblue USPS office.
  • The description “Out for Delivery” (on delivery) is the most direct. The package is at the hands of a postal service agent for delivery.
  • “Unable to Deliver” will appear if the package requires a signature or other instructions to facilitate delivery. At this point, the package will be returned to the post office for later delivery.

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