What Can We Do With Our Old Smartphones?

Instead of storing your old smartphone in a memory drawer, from Blogthinkbig.com we offer you a series of ideas to give new life to these old devices. Sometimes we acquire new smartphones and store the old ones in a drawer so that it falls into oblivion, but in reality, you can recover its usefulness or part of its value using it for other functions.

old smartphone

They may not be worth enough to resell but they still work. Therefore, from Blogthinkbig.com, we offer you a series of ideas to give a new life to these old phones.

Security Camera And Remote Control

First of all, you can turn your old mobile device into a surveillance camera and monitor your home. It can also serve as security if you have a baby at home or pets. Another option is to use the smartphone you have saved as a universal remote control as you can use it to handle, for example, the home lighting system.

Another way is to install applications such as Kodi for multimedia playback or combine it with a Chromecast device to control and play content from our smartphone. The old device can become the command of home entertainment.

Donate It To Science

A very valid application is to donate your old device to science for a good cause. There are projects like BOINC for Android that was developed by the University of Berkeley to harness the computing power of a device for collaborative science. You can also donate it to IBM’s World Community Grid for health and sustainability research.

GPS And Game Console

Do you use GPS to move with the car? The smartphone has become the new browser during our road trips and that device that you have saved can serve you for this task without spending battery or mobile data from your new mobile.

On the other hand, you can also take advantage of an old smartphone to make calls without having an integrated SIM card. Through WiFi or with applications such as Walkie-Talkie you can connect your mobile and talk to your family or friends on WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram.

Finally, another of the uses we recommend is to convert it into a mobile video game console. You can take advantage if you have daughters or sons to install games like the Angry Birds and give a new life to your old smartphone.c

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