How To Use Your Phone As a Computer Mouse

Our mobile is valid for many other things besides talking on the phone, communicating on social networks, playing or watching multimedia content. We know that you can act as a remote control when we run out of batteries or break the one that comes with the TV or turn it into a router to share the Internet. Today we are going to tell you about another of the most useful functions of our mobile, such as using it as a computer mouse.

mobile as mouse

It does not matter that we have an Android or iPhone mobile since the two types of devices and operating systems allow us to turn the mobile into a mouse for our computer. The fundamental requirement to be able to carry it out is an Internet connection, which must be operational both on our mobile and on the computer. Both mobile and PC must be connected to the same network before starting the process. In this sense, it does not matter that a device (for example the mobile) is connected to the Wi-Fi network and the computer via cable, or both devices via Wi-Fi.

App On Mobile And Computer

In order to convert our mobile into a computer mouse, we must download two applications, one of them must be installed on our mobile and the other on the computer. Although we can find many similar apps, the best result is usually RemoteMouse, an app available on both Google Play and the AppStore and which has millions of downloads. The good thing is that its use is completely free and its installation and commissioning will take us less than five minutes.

Once we have RemoteMouse running and installed on our computer, we open the app from the mobile. The program will automatically search for our computer, and you will find it in a matter of seconds as long as we are connected to the same network. Once we have selected the name of our computer on the mobile, the connection will be established in a matter of seconds.

We Already Have Mouse

Once done we will see a touch panel on our mobile that will serve as a mat, while with our finger we can move the cursor through the computer. It also includes the Gyro function to move the cursor with the gyroscope and a mode specially dedicated to left-handed people. We can click left by touching the screen or access the right-click by pressing the touch panel. As it is an alternative tool, we will also have remote functions to shut down or restart the computer if necessary.

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